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The Berenstain Bears and the Bermuda Triangle
by Stan And Jan Berenstain

Jealousy shakes up Bear Country School A new student at Bear Country School catches Brother Bear's eye-and all of his attention! But there's something strange about the way the very attractive Bermuda is pursuing him. Bonnie Bear and the Bear Detectives set out to get to the bottom of this mysterious romance. . . and they learn how to deal with jealousy and anger.

Henry And The Clubhouse
by Beverly Cleary

Fiery Ramona Quimby and the well-meaning Henry Huggins may clash, but in this delightful and hilarious novel by Newbery Medal–winning author Beverly Cleary, it's an unlikely compromise that wins the day. Henry and his friends are building a no-girls-allowed clubhouse. With a private space of their own away from everyone else-and even a top secret entry password-they're all thrilled with their boy fort. But Henry's about to find out that nothing-not even a sign-will keep gutsy Ramona out of their clubhouse…and her retaliation may just ruin Henry's newspaper career.

The Berenstain Bears and the Nerdy Nephew
by Stan And Jan Berenstain

Stuck-up Ferdy Factual learns that friendship takes more than just smarts. Brother and Sister Bear try to welcome the new cub in town by taking him to school on his 1st day. They quickly learn that Ferdy Factual, son of the famous scientist Actual Factual, is brilliant at math, science, and chess - but he isn't good at making friends. With the help and patience of the Bear family, Ferdy will finally come to realize that there may be more to school than just books.

The Berenstain Bears Gotta Dance
by Stan And Jan Berenstain

Can Brother Bear overcome his fear and learn to dance? Brother Bear thinks dancing is stupid until Sister Bear tells him that his longtime crush, Bonnie, may be going to the spring fling with Too-Tall! Brother decides that he needs to learn to dance-and fast. Can the Bear family band together in time to teach him enough moves to overcome his fear of the dance floor?

The Berenstain Bears And The Female Fullback
by Stan And Jan Berenstain

Can girls play football? Bertha Broom wants to join the football team but is turned down by coach Grizzmeyer because she's a girl. The students at Bear Country School start to question how girls and boys are treated differently. Soon, everyone is up in arms about Bertha's "football fate." Then Queenie McBear and Sister Bear decide to take a serious stand and get the town involved in equality for everyone!

The Berenstain Bears: No Guns Allowed
by Stan And Jan Berenstain

Join Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Too-Tall, Queenie, and the rest of the Bear Country cubs in these page-turning, action-packed books, from mysteries to comic adventures to sports stories -- all with pictures, pictures, pictures!

The Berenstain Bears And The Wheelchair Commando
by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Too-Tall makes fun of Harry and calls him "Wheels" because he's in a wheelchair. But Harry can handle it. He even challenges Too-Tall to a basketball game.

The Berenstain Bears Lost In Cyberspace
by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Get ready to enter Cybearspace. When wealthy Squire Grizzly gives each member of Teacher Bob's class a computer to do with as they will, all rules fly out the window--and the cubs' grades go south. Will the cubs get whiplash as they zoom along the information superhighway? Bear Country fans will love finding out.??

News For Dogs
by Lois Duncan

Now that Andi is no longer running a hotel for dogs, she decides to start a new project - a newspaper for dogs! With her brother Bruce and a few friends, the kids make a hit out of their paper. But they also attract the attention of some mysterious dognappers. Can the kids find the criminals and bring their dogs safely home??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Chapter 16 Of My First Nightmare
by Crystal Connor

I think this chapter is strange. Somebody goes to a lake and waked a monster. Years ago there was a monster. It made people do a sacrifice. Everybody refused until one day somebody made a sacrifice with an animal.
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